Our talent concept is "respect people". These two words are not only the core of our corporate culture, but also the basic belief of all employees.

1、 Respect the dignity and rights of every member of the organization and fully mobilize the work enthusiasm of employees.

2、 Focus on customer service and strive to achieve 100% user satisfaction.

3、 Keep improving and strive for the perfection of any business.

Marketing Manager                               Recruitment of 1 person                        Location: Tianjin

Foreign trade salesman                          Recruitment of 1 person                       Location: Tianjin

Foreign trade assistant                           Recruitment of 2 person                       Location: Tianjin

Technical researcher                                Recruitment of 2 person                       Location: Tianjin

HR Specialist                                             Recruitment of 2 person                       Location: Tianjin

Accounting                                                Recruitment of 2 person                        Location: Tianjin